bravoSURVEY - Accelerate your Information

Easy to use survey designer

Straight forward and simple - We save your time by providing the simplest solution for your survey needs.

Appealing Look and Feel

Details matter. Engage with your survey respondents through beautiful survey designs to increase response rates.

Advanced Survey and Display Logic

Define the right questions based on respondents’ answers and get coherent, appropriate results with our clear and follow through survey display logic.

Translate your survey into multiple languages 

Translate your survey to over 60 languages with our survey software. Have your survey communicate your way.

Distribute your survey via many channels

Distribute your survey fast and easily through email, SMS, and URL to make survey communication easier for you and your audience.

In-depth Analytics at your fingertips

Get clarified results and deep insights with our powerful Analytics Tools to make data-driven decisions and discover your utmost potential.

What are the most important features of bravoSURVEYS software?


Be innovative and connected to improve the image, productivity and sale rates of your business by using the bravoSURVEYS Software. The survey platform that gives you all the answers you need.