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We understand the importance of insightful answers to your educational questions. bravoSURVEYS can make sure that all voices are heard to contribute to a better foundation of the school system.


Interesting subjects

In order for students to learn better, it is vital that they understand what they are learning in school is important. The best way to teach is to teach interesting, new things that they are curious about. Having an education survey about what students are interested in knowing about will aid the school in preparing the right teaching tools and teaching methods to engage students in the learning process.

Education resources | Interesting subject

School curriculum revision

Is the curriculum too hard? Too easy? Entertaining? Too boring? School curriculum is the core of every school, and should be paid the most attention to besides the bonds between all parties in the school system. Make sure that your school curriculum fits perfectly using our Education survey system, to provide the best outcomes.

Education resources | School curriculum revision

Parents’ involvement

A child’s first and most influential teacher is the parents. Parents not only promote long-term education but also involve in creating a positive learning environment. Parents hold a key role in the school system, hence, it is vital to make sure that parents can be involved in the growth of the school by using our Education surveys for reasons such as satisfaction measure, suggestion, critical values, etc.

Education resources | Parent involvement

Facilities improvement

Let school be a second home. In order for that to happen, having the right facilities should be the number one priority. A broken toilet? More playground space? Too much glare on the board? Make sure everyone’s needs are to your attention in order to provide the best learning conditions for everyone.

Education resources | Facilities improvement

Emotional Support

Let’s not forget about the most important human’s nature: Emotions. Our survey has an anonymous option for sensitive and confidential questions, which make sure everyone has a say in any touchy issues and provide a happy and positive environment for everyone.

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.” -Bob Beauprez

Education resources | Emotional support

Education surveys are pretty different compared to the other types of surveys, since you would want precise answers as much as possible. You can opt for long-answer style for Education surveys, or stick to multiple-choice, as long as you make sure that your respondents have enough room to fully input their opinions.